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For all jobs The Grim Printer deems orders supplied within 3% under or over the quantity requested to be the completion of the job. Please read the below for misprints outside this percentage:

 The Grim Printer Supplied stock: For any garments mis-printed that we have supplied, in most cases, we will be able to replace the garments and produce 100% of the order. If this is not possible and where the mis-prints equal more than 10 garments or 10% of the order [whichever is greater] we will re-print the job once the garments become available. Misprints between 3-10% or less than 10 garments [whichever is greater] of the order will not be re-printed but a discount off the cost of the job will be applied.

 Customer Supplied stock: For garments supplied by the customer, it is recommended that if orders are very specific that extras are supplied in case of mis-prints. Where the mis-prints equal more than 10 garments or 10% of the order [whichever is greater] we will re-print the job once more garments become available. Misprints between 3-10% or less than 10 garments [whichever is greater] of the order will not be re-printed but a discount off the cost of the job will be applied. IMPORTANT FOR CONTRACT CUSTOMERS: Where stock is supplied and there is a claim made against The Grim Printer for printing onto that stock and if The Grim Printer accepts liability for the job, the maximum refund will be 100% of the printing costs and up to 20% of the proven manufacture cost of the stock supplied.


The Grim Printer will order stock on behalf of the customer with care and accuracy but takes no responsibility for any colour, size or style issues after the garments are ordered and printed. The customer must check all size specs, colours swatches and style descriptions of all garments. Web pages and charts that contain this information can be obtained from The Grim Printer.

The Grim Printer will check all quantities, sizes and colours upon receiving stock and will correlate this to the delivery docket from the supplier. The Grim Printer will not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or manufacture seconds in the supply of the stock, before or after printing.

Any issues that arise from stock ordered must be taken up with the distributors of the brands and details will be supplied by The Grim Printer upon request.


The Grim Printer will arrange delivery of stock via couriers for any job with accuracy and diligence however we take no responsibility for delays with delivery. The Grim Printer will supply tracking numbers and delivery estimates for time once the job has been booked. The Grim Printer will also check periodically to ensure the stock is delivered. Please note, most courier companies are not proactive in contacting the customer or The Grim Printer if issues arise so it is the customers’ responsibility to track the items and follow up on delays.


The Grim Printer emails e-proofs prior to any job being set up to screen. Once this e-proof has been approved, the artwork’s positioning, size and print colours are deemed accepted and will not be altered. The proof that is approved by the client dictates the job printed and this will determine the final printed product. Any claims are not applicable if the printed stock matches the approved proof.


The Grim Printer uses a digital mixing system to represent Pantone colours however no guarantees are made for 100% accuracy.


Any fabric that contains a percentage of polyester or nylon can be problematic for screen-printing as the dye from the fabric migrates into the ink and can also create issues when heated. The Grim Printer will use appropriate inks for this fabric but does not recommend printing onto polyester/nylon fabrics. All printing is done so at the customer’s risk.


The Grim Printer uses a variety of third party suppliers that offer embroidery, dyeing, sewing and other garment decorating. The Grim Printer has confidence in these suppliers and will endeavour to ensure that all care is taken, however The Grim Printer accepts no responsibility for third party mistakes. All claims will need to be made between the customer and the third party supplier. If this arrangement is not satisfactory, The Grim Printer requests that the customer co-ordinate the additional decorating pre or post screen printing.


The Grim Printer reserves the right to substitute garments of comparable brand and/or colour when customer’s request is unavailable. We will always contact you first for confirmation.


Shade matching and design reproduction will be within commonly accepted commercial tolerances. Some colours will have shade matching issues between production runs. Certain colours like charcoal and earth tones are more unstable and will have colour variances. Please check you are happy with any colour variances, we will do our best to stop and change and garment colours prior to printing but this issue is the problem of the garment supplier and we cannot resolve these issues once we have printed or embellished an order.


Should you choose to supply garments please know you do so at your own risk and ensure the following:

  • all correct numbers are delivered, and
  • the garments are split into their respective prints and labelled clearly

Additional charges for splitting supplied orders into their sizes and prints may apply.
$1.00 + GST per garment (a minimum $50 + GST fee applies)

We are not responsible for any negative effects to the supplied garments caused by the printing process (i.e. sublimation, scorching, melting, shrinking). This includes supplied Active Wear garments including Dry-fit tees that are made from 100% Polyester or Poly blends (nylon, Spandex or Lycra). We encourage you to speak to the supplier or manufacturer first about the best way to print these specific garments especially if your job is time sensitive. For example, sublimation of a print may occur up to 24 to 48 hours after print is applied and if a job has a tight deadline there may be no time for a test print.


The Grim Printer will charge any credit card payment a 1.5% surcharge on top of the total amount charged to the card.


All orders require full payment prior to any stock being ordered or screens being prepared.

Full payment is required prior to production of goods. Accepted payment is cash, credit or debit card and direct debit. All major credit cards are accepted.

Payment of the full invoice will act as approval of invoice and digital proof even when no other verbal or written approval has been given. To make a payment, please use our online payment option which forms part of your invoice.

All prices quoted include GST and shipping.

All goods remain the property of The Grim Printer until full payment has been made.


Orders can not be cancelled after the payment of the invoice has been made.


All orders will be shipped using a courier service unless otherwise requested. Shipping time is additional to turnaround time. Please consider this when placing time sensitive orders.


All claims must be made within 72 hours from the delivery of your order. Please email hello@thegrimprinter.com.au immediately if there are errors or problems with any order. Exchanges are only offered on unworn, unwashed orders returned in their entirety. Returns will be satisfied by credit or refund on approved claims on a case by case scenario.


The Grim Printer is not responsible for variances in size/colour/construction of garments. Inks and garments can vary in appearance depending on brand and post-production care. Garments with foil, metallic inks or other specialty embellishing should be washed inside out to increase the washability and longevity of the print. The Grim Printer reserves the right to refuse service without explanation. The Grim Printer reserves the right to change pricing and terms without notice.

All images and information on this website are copyright of The Grim Printer and cannot be reproduced without written consent


We try to check every garment as it comes off of the press, but there are times where some mistakes will make it out the door. It is your responsibility as the customer to check over garments as you receive them. We allow an industry standard 72 hour window from the time you receive the goods to notify us of any issues with the order. The Grim Printer will not be responsible for errors with your order if notified after 72 hours of receiving the goods. The Grim Printer also will not be responsible for any lost income, customers, accounts, and/or contracts if defective garments are sent out to your final customer. While The Grim Printer does quality checks on the garments, the final quality assurance check lies in the hands of you, our customer.


For the most part screen printing is a manual process and this means that not all prints on tees will be exactly, say 6cm from the collar. There may be variances of up to 1cm above or below as each garment is loaded onto the press. This is NOT a misprint and we will not be liable for reprinting or refunding these garments.


We love the work we do and will often photograph the jobs and your design in the process. If you prefer NOT to have your items photographed or used in our marketing materials please let us know in writing.